Fantasy Baseball 2015 Draft Results

The Perennial Stinker

C Brian McCann 3
1B Prince Fielder 16
2B Dee Gordon 3
3B Evan Longoria 16
SS Ian Desmond 22
OF Michael Brantley 1
OF Yasiel Puig 23
OF Christian Yelich 9
UTIL Kole Calhoun 11
P Felix Hernandez 35
P Julio Teheran 27
P Gerrit Cole 21
P Jose Fernandez 9
P James Shields 26
RP Steve Cishek 2
BE Tyson Ross 20
BE Mike Fiers 1
BE Drew Smyly 5
BE Adam Eaton 2
BE Melky Cabrera 7

Think you can beat the Stinker?

Think again.

Phillies Home Opener 2014


The day most of us have been dreaming about for several months is finally here — the Phils home opener. After starting 3-3 on the road in Texas and Chicago, we are looking for some home cookin’ in the City of Brotherly Love for this upcoming 10-game home stand. ¬†For those of you lucky enough to be attending today’s game, it should be beautiful and clear (although breezy) by first pitch. Grab a hot dog and a beer and enjoy. We have high hopes, right Harry?

Update – Chase Utley will not be playing this afternoon due to flu.

It Could be a Long Season…

There is plenty of pessimism going around regarding the Phils this year and their hopes at making the playoffs / finishing above .500 / not finishing last in the division / maintaining any semblance of a professional baseball team. When the season started, Vegas had the over/under for season wins at 74.5. Ouch. For the record, I like the sweet action on the over there.

I am trying to be positive and hope that with some health and some luck, we can surprise people this year.

Last night was my first opportunity of the season to sit down and watch the whole game. It was going to be a treat. I managed to bear down through the moderately insufferable play-by-play from Philly’s own Tom McCarthy (lolz) and saw some quality baseball. KK pitched in and out of some jams (7 IP, 5 H, 1 ER), Big Piece hit a 2-run bomb (!!), and all was well. Enter Papelbon. The highest paid closer in the game and the guy that blew 7 saves last year was not sharp. A lack of control and degraded fastball velocity last night meant hits and walks. And runs. Texas scores 3 in the 9th, Phils lose.

Here’s hoping our bullpen can get it together this year. I don’t think Papelbon is “done” by any means, but he needs to figure some stuff out if he’s not able to blow it by guys anymore. I can’t watch these late game collapses all summer again. I won’t.


American Wild Ales

I will admit this is the first time I have linked an article from a wine magazine on this site. Lauren Buzzeo’s article from Wine Enthusiast highlights some interesting craft beers brewed using strains of wild yeasts and bacteria. The Bruery and New Glarus seem to be especially active in brewing with wild microbes.

Wild yeasts and bacteria …”are introduced into ferments, leaving a distinct imprint on the beer. Often, these are sour notes as well as barnyard, Band-Aid, animal or earthy characteristics.”

Is Band-Aid a flavor I’m not aware of?

Interesting read.

From the Archives — Good, Cheap, Rotating Beers in Center City

I wrote about this a few months ago. Let’s not forget about the best beer special in Philly, 2 Dollar Tuesdays at Fox and Hound Tavern at 15th and Spruce. Everything on the draft list is 2 bucks, all day, every Tuesday. And this is a great draft list with local, regional, and nationwide favorites. I’ve been known to get a DirtWolf or three. For 2 dollars!

Get there early, because this place fills up fast.

Site Updates 3/31/14

Greetings from Philadelphia. One year ago today, the dream of South Street Brewing Company was born and this website was launched. Since then, we have brewed 10 batches of beer, attended 5 beer festivals, toured 9 breweries, survived 1 Philly Beer Week, written some blog posts, and enjoyed 1,339,564 pints. That last one is an approximation. But I feel good about it. It’s been an amazing year, and I have really enjoyed sharing thoughts from time to time right here in my very own corner of the internets.

The dream is still alive. Our enjoyment of the homebrewing process continues to grow. I love the beers we’ve made, and apparently others do too. Sweet! As we tinker with recipes, refine techniques, and learn more about beermaking, South Street Brew will continue to be the first place the masses (…) can read about it. When we discover pieces of the world we think are worth sharing, this is the place. Stay tuned.

Now to the bad news. This website is registered and hosted through GoDaddy. And still is. We ran WordPress all of last year. And still do. However, as the domain was expiring and we were exploring renewal options, both with GoDaddy and others, our archives were lost. In re-upping with GoDaddy at the cheapest price possible, I re-launched the site from scratch today thinking I could restore everything as it was yesterday with my backup files. It sort of worked, but not really. As of right now, we have retained our customized site themes, settings, and plugins, but the meat is gone. Our posts are gone. As I rained blows upon my desktop monitor, I realized there has to be a better way…

I have learned some lessons, and am going to do my best to recreate our favorite posts from the past year. We will be starting a “From the Archives” series where we attempt to recap the heart and soul of the posts we are currently missing. Regardless, we are excited to move forward and share more ideas with you. I hope you’ll stop back in on occasion.


Epic. Awesome. Ruination.

I enjoyed a few Stone Ruination IPAs over the weekend. This is a big and bold American double IPA with some seriously badass hop character. It could be overpowering without proper forewarning. Fortunately the back of the bottle provides just that…

“Stone Ruination IPA. So called because of the immediate ruinous effect on your palate. The moment after the first swallow, all other food and drink items suddenly become substantially more bland than they were just seconds before. By the time you develop a taste for this beer, you may find that you are permanently ruined from being able to enjoy lesser brews. Good. We freely admit to doing this. On purpose even! People are sometimes crazy enough to thank us for this assault. To which we reply “You’re welcome.”

Out of the smoldering ashes of the Stone Anniversary IPAs, the Ruination IPA is born. Rising like the phoenix comes this over-hopped jewel, bringing with it not the acrid sting of smoldering embers, but the abundantly pungent aroma of hops. Bountiful hops. Glorious hops. If you are not already a confirmed hop head; if you have not already converted your palate to the glory of the righteous joy that the miraculous little green flower brings to the senses, then this is NOT the place to start, for it will bring you nothing but shock. All its richly layered subtleties will be for naught. Intense hop character will only be perceived as binding and blinding bitterness. Does the experienced hop lover perceive this in a different way? Well, yes and no. The matriculated imbiber is not numb to the rambunctious rush of bitterness — indeed that is a major element of the allure — however they are also able to look beyond to the well spoken yet understated malt presence. The aromatic alcohol tones. The swirling meld of naturally occurring complex flavor compounds courtesy of our little friends known as “brewers yeast cells.” God bless the yeast, the malt, and the HOPS!”

Well said.